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How to Open or Close Firewall Ports on Windows 10

Microsoft Defender Firewall

At first it is necessary to know what Windows Firewall?
Windows Firewall is a built-in system designed to filter out incoming and outgoing traffic. Incoming and outgoing traffic from the Windows server contains ports, which are designed to provide direction beyond the location the IP address points to.
Windows Firewall does its job by making sure you are aware of the connection before making the connection and avoiding potentially malicious software packages.

Filtering incoming and outgoing traffic aims to protect your device and your data from various threats from the outside in an attempt to enter in addition to threats from within, meaning that the firewall acts as a gatekeeper and blocks all unnecessary network ports and every time an application or service tries to connect outside your device, it checks Whether there is a specific rule in the database to allow or deny network access. If you can’t find a rule, you’ll see a prompt to select and grant or deny permission.

Why should I use a firewall on computers?
The main reason is to protect your network from various threats coming from outside and trying to enter or threats coming from inside in an attempt to exit. The firewall is blocking the ports that support the network.
Every time a program tries to communicate over this port, the firewall checks if it is allowed or not. If he does not know, he will ask the user which is why you sometimes see a prompt asking if a certain program is allowed or not to access the Internet.

Now, after we got acquainted with the Windows firewall, the important question comes, and that is if you have an application that has been blocked by the firewall, what should we do in this problem as sometimes we see that there are some applications and programs that do not work completely because they are blocked by a firewall Microsoft Defender in this case will need to create a rule to allow them to access the network manually.

Creating this rule will open firewall ports for applications and programs that have been blocked from connecting to the network. Microsoft provides a feature for users to manually allow them to open a firewall port
That is, you must tell Windows Firewall to allow a program to connect to the network.

So in this article, we’ll walk you through the steps for opening a port to allow an application to communicate outside the network using the built-in firewall in Windows 10.

How to open firewall port on Windows 10

1- Open the Start menu and go to Settings.

2- From within the settings, click on Update & Security.

3- From the right side, click on Windows Security.

4- Click on Firewall & network protection.

5- Scroll down and Click the Advanced settings option.

6-  When the Windows Defender Firewall Select Inbound Rules from the left navigation pane opens.

7- In the right pane under the “Actions” section click the New Rule option.

8- In new inbound rule wizard select the Port option then click the Next button.

9- Select the appropriate protocol depending on the application. Usually the option is TCP and In the Specific local ports field, type the port number then Click the Next button.

10 – Select the Allow the connection option then click next button.

11 – Select the type of network to apply the rule. It is best to leave this option with the default selections then click next button.

12 – Here type the rule name with a unique description then click finish button.

After you complete the steps, inbound connections will be allowed for the app through the port you open in the firewall.

How to close firewall port on Windows 10

1 – From the left navigation pane select Inbound Rules or Outbound Rules where you open the firewall port.

2 – Select the rule you want.

3 – Under the “Actions” section, click the Disable Rule to close the port while keeping the rule. Or click the Delete rule to close the port and remote the rule from the firewall.

The firewall defender will ask you. Are you sure you want to delete these rules. Select yes if you want

Watch the video tutorial that explains how to open or Close Firewall Ports on Windows 10

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