December’s PS Plus games revealed for PS4 and PS5.

Sony unveiled the December PlayStation Plus game list for PS4 and PS5 which is available free of charge to service subscribers around the world next Tuesday, December 1.

PlayStation 5 owners

PlayStation 5 owners will receive their first free game in a few days, Worms Rumble, the latest installment in the years-old series.

PlayStation 4 owners

On the other hand, PlayStation 4 owners get:

1 The well-known open world game Just Cause 4.

2 EA’s shooting game, Rocket Arena, released a few months ago.
Which everyone demanded to turn it into a free game to reach a larger base of players, especially as it relies on group competitions across the entire network.

There are no details currently on adding more games to the PS Plus Collection service, as it seems that Sony is still committed to the same strategy for popular releases without any significant changes, while players enjoy trying the collective titles for free in December from 19 to 20 of the same month .

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