6 new features awaited by the Android system this winter!

To celebrate the beginning of next year, Google decided to send users of its famous system 6 new features that are not restricted to a comprehensive update to Android, provided that these features spread among its most used applications.

1 Share apps

The easiest way to share applications at the moment is through Shareit, because the application provides ease in this process that no other means can provide.

This situation will not last for long, as Google has decided to share applications through it, especially through the Nearby Share feature, which will get a new update that enables users to use it to send applications directly from within the Play Store.

2 Go window in Google Maps

Google Maps is waiting for an update that will add a new window named “Go”, as it will be a short portal to quickly guide users about their favorite places and the places they frequent.

The new window will show the fastest way to these places, as well as the nearest and fastest means of transportation, and it can also determine the fastest way to reach, whether by car or transportation.

This window will also show any traffic congestion on the road live, and it will show the expected time for any of the places in this list without the need to search for it or specify its address manually.

3 Mixing expressive facets

As the new year begins, Gboard app users will be able to mix emojis together and create new emojis.

All they have to do is click on the emojis in turn to show you a suggestion for the new emoji.

4 Android Auto availability in more countries

Google revealed that the Android Auto feature will be available in more countries in Europe, Asia and Africa, starting from the new year.

The American company did not reveal the number of countries and their names in detail, but this moving image reveals the countries that await the new update.

5 Navigate the phone using voice commands

Google allows for years to do some tasks using voice commands, but it has never reached the point of using the phone completely through voice commands.

This matter will develop soon, as the use of voice commands will be in every part of the phone, so users will be able to use their voice instead of pressing the screen, so simply you can now say to your phone “open the side menu” or “press the restaurants button” and the command will be executed as if you did By touching the screen.

6 More audiobooks

There is not always an audiobook available of all the books you want to read or, as in our time, it is now “heard”.

To solve this, Google decided to develop a group of virtual narrators to read books that do not have an audio copy.

However, this feature will be available in experimental form in the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

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