Your comprehensive guide to choosing the best laptop for your needs.

During the past few years, new technologies have come upon us one after the other, such as torrential rain, and the strange thing is that most of these technologies are related to the world of laptops, from optical and audio technologies to the next generation of Thunderbolt 4 ports.

Laptops have become the most elegant machine in the world of technology thanks to their light weight and thin thickness.

Laptops are not small enough for us to prefer them over smartphones and tablets, but their larger size comes for a reason and to achieve a more important goal, they are the ideal solution when we think about playing games or writing scientific papers and study lectures, and these are the simplest uses that fall under the No Limit it to other useful uses.

It is easy to buy a new laptop, but when we think about choosing the best laptop suitable for a specific type of business and uses, the matter becomes more difficult, as the technical specifications and characteristics of computers’ hardware vary according to the type of business and form of uses, in addition to that, laptops come in different shapes and operating systems from each other.

Now, you should ask yourself a set of questions before you go to buy the laptop, such as: What operating system do you prefer to use ?, Do you need a 1 × 2 laptop ?, What is the appropriate screen size for your business ?, Do you need a screen that supports Touch.

There are many questions that need to be answered before you make your final decision, and therefore, we will help you through this detailed guide to answer most of your questions.

But before we start, we recommend that you first make yourself a cup of coffee, and then come with us and sail together in this vast world.

What kind of operating system do you prefer to use?

This may be the most difficult question, especially for a category of users who have never had experience with various operating systems: Windows, MacOS and Chrome OS.

In general, each of the three operating systems has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and choosing the best operating system among them may be up to your personal preference and your type of use.

1 Windows 10 system

It is the most flexible and popular operating system, and it is more reliable than any other system in laptops, It provides more than one user interface that includes the traditional and familiar desktop interface to us, in addition to the tablet interface, or what we can call the “tablet” interface .

Its interface includes a “Start” menu containing popups for all of its installed applications, and it contains the popular digital assistant Cortana.

Windows 10 is the latest operating system that provides support for touch screen, and also provides support for fingerprint reader, which is the only operating system that has the ability to support multiple graphics cards for the category of gaming computers and professional business.

Its price range ranges from $ 150 to a few thousand dollars depending on the type of technical specifications it contains, and Microsoft is constantly updating it in order to provide the necessary support and security for all categories of users, and it is certainly the only resort for the category of players.

2 MacOS Big Sur

As for MacOS big sur, it is the latest operating system for Apple MacBook computers, similar to Windows 10, but with a different user interface that contains a set of applications and tools that reside in the form of a bar at the bottom of the screen, and macOS contains the Siri digital assistant similar to the Cortana assistant .

With macOS, you can perform many commercial transactions using Apple Pay, in addition to making phone calls and sending text messages to iPhones, in addition to that, you can operate MacBook computers via Apple smart watches.

It should be noted that macOS does not provide the ability to touch the screen, and the rationale for this is that MacBoos computer screens are not supportive of this technology, but recently macOS has been able to provide support for all iPad applications and the ability to access them and access their contents.

3 Chrome OS

It is considered one of the simplest and easy-to-use operating systems, but it is somewhat limited when compared to other systems due to its constant reliance on running applications while connected to the Internet.

As for the main user interface, it is very similar to Windows 10 through the list of applications and programs, the desktop form and the ability to drag and scroll windows completely freely, but the main application and the only friend for you while using it will be the Chrome browser, and for this reason you may face some problems during an internet service interruption or While you are using the system in “offline” mode.

Fortunately, Chromebooks are coming with support for Android apps.

Despite the restrictions imposed by the Chrome OS system due to its permanent dependence on the Internet connection, but it is one of the strong systems that have high-quality protection and security methods that help protect its applications from exposure to viruses and malware while it is used by several different people, especially children, and for this reason It is considered the best computer for students and parents.

Chromebooks are launched with nominal storage capacities, that is, very small and may not exceed 16GB SSD due to the permanent dependence of the operating system on cloud storage operations.

Chromebooks feature a battery that lasts for long periods of time, and often the weights of computers are very light, and in most cases their screen is FHD 1080p resolution, and sometimes it comes with a UHD display resolution of 2160p

Therefore, if you are looking for a laptop intended only for browsing websites, following the news, navigating your e-mail, checking social media sites, and having verbal or written conversations with your friends, this is the category of computers that was designed specifically for those purposes.

Do you need a hybrid laptop 1 × 2?

Many laptops that have come under the list of hybrid computers 1 × 2, that is, they can change their traditional movement modes and use them as a tablet and separate the screen part from the keyboard, or use it in the form of the tent or in any shape in between the two previous modes thanks to the 360 ​​° folding hinges .

Hybrid computers have many features that allow them to be used as a notebook, allowing easy entry and writing on them comfortably.

But if you feel that these features are not among your practical priorities and you plan to use the laptop in its usual mode without moving it around much around the house, then you should give up these features to save their financial cost for the account of some other features that you may need.


If you intend to buy a laptop with a touch screen, it is necessary for the laptop to be from the category of 1 × 2 computers, If the laptop is not from this category, you will not benefit greatly from the feature of the touch screen support and it will not be comfortable in your use. to her.

Also, computers that support the touch screen consume from the laptop’s battery a period of time estimated at one to two hours at least, and for this reason if you want a laptop with a “Touch” screen, make sure that it is in the category of 1 × 2 hybrid computers.

What screen size do you prefer to work with?

Of course, the technical specifications that the laptop contains are not considered except after determining the size of the screen that the user needs, as laptops are classified according to the size factor in the first place, then other factors such as weight and thickness that allow easy carrying and mobility of the laptop:

  • Laptops that have a display screen with measurements ranging from 11 inches to 12 inches are the lightest computers in weight and the thinnest, very easy to move around from one place to another, and their weight ranges between 1Kg and 1.5Kg kg.
  • Laptops that contain a display screen with measurements ranging from 13 inches to 14 inches trying to create a fair balance between light weight and ease of use, especially if its weight does not exceed 2Kg.
  • Laptops that have a display screen that measures between 15 inches to 16 inches come in a wide variety of weight and thickness.
  • Their weight ranges from 2Kg to 2.5Kg.
  • This category of computers may be the most used due to the standard screen size and the various technical specifications required by the majority of users.
  • Due to a wide variety of weights, which can be heavy at times, they are not the best solution for the category of users seeking light weight and ease of movement.
  • It’s very rare for laptops to have a 16-inch display except for the MacBook Pro.
  • Laptops that have a display screen ranging from 17 inches to 18 inches is one of the category of laptops intended for home and office use.
  • With the exception of some leading upper-class computers, such as Dell XPS, they are always heavyweight because of the internal hardware components that impose the presence of large and thick professional cooling methods.
  • This category targets players or the category of content creators and creative producers, and therefore it is always unique in its high-performance hardware components that are suitable for modern games and professional business programs, and it may come mostly under the name of workstations or workstation laptops.

So you should make your decision very wisely whether you need the laptop for school or university or go to your workplace daily, then the display should be average, because the total weight is mainly based on the size of the display.

If you plan to use the laptop while it is being installed all the time on the desk, then you have the freedom to choose the screen size that meets your aspirations.

What are the specifications you are looking for in a laptop screen?

Most of the economic class computers come with a resolution of 768p, and unfortunately, this accuracy is not good when dealing with business programs and playing games.

So if you are considering buying a typical display laptop, you should not compromise on FHD 1080p resolution.

Some business and gaming computers come with a resolution of 2560×1600, 3200×1800, or 3840×2160, despite the importance of high resolution for business computers, but they drain more amounts of battery power.

As for the color quality and the ability to see the screen from different viewing angles and enjoy vibrant colors, the laptop screen should be IPS technology, and it is better that it be 100% or higher than the value of the sRGB color gamut.

Also, the screen should occupy a large proportion of the basic structure, it is better that the acquisition ratio is not less than 88%.

If you are preparing to buy a laptop on a huge budget then you can consider OLED screens thanks to the high contrasts and true blacks they provide.

In terms of brightness, it is best to go over 300 nits to be able to see details in rooms that are sunny or have bright lights.

There are many optical technologies that must be paid attention to, such as Low Blue Light, Flicker Free and Anti Glare, all of these technologies are in the interest of the user, and provide him with a comfortable use experience for the eyes and free from any risks resulting from the display screens while sitting in front of them for long periods of time and degrees Various lighting without wearing eyeglasses.

Keyboard and Touchpad

Remember that the style of use and the practical environment itself are sometimes more important than the technical specifications inside the laptop, as they are the main reason and the only aid to increase the user’s productive capabilities, because the strength of performance does not mean anything if the laptop does not provide a smooth and comfortable operation environment.

1 Keyboard

It is preferable for the keyboard to have positive and tangible feedback while clicking on it, so you will find that the vast majority of users recommend using laptops that have a keyboard with a height ranging from 1 mm to 2 mm, and indeed this distance may be the standard proportions of a keyboard Laptops, otherwise, it may result in a complex and unprofessional experience.

Meaning that there are some laptops that try to care about the thin thickness more than anything else, and thus the keyboard’s height distance is very little in its reactions, despite it being one of the features of the “thin thickness”, but it is considered a double-edged sword, then you will face some problems if I was in the category of editors or writers who used the keyboard all the time.

It is also necessary for the keyboard to have a fast response time while entering commands and executing tasks, with the necessity of sufficient space between the keys and each other if you are fast typing and clicking on the pad, as the large space provides the ability to write quickly without looking at the keys and does not require the user Focus is exactly where he places his fingers.

2 Touchpad

It is necessary to ensure that the touchpad is of high precision and does not cause the so-called “cursor jumping” during use, as it should have a quick response to multi-touch gestures while multi-clicking to enlarge images, drag and drop, copy and paste.

And if you are planning to buy a laptop for work on business programs, you will find that there are some laptops that provide a so-called “pointing stick” located between the letter G and H and we call it “nub stick”, it is of great importance during use, if you You want to go to the desktop without even taking your fingers off the keyboard.

Which processor is best for your business?

The central processor is the most important electronic chip, as it is the manager’s mind and the chief executive officer and has the greatest influence on the shape of overall performance in all business programs and games.

The central processor is the one who decides about “how you will be able to execute the order and when you will finish it.”

1 Intel Xeon processors

It is almost the most powerful central processor at Intel, and it is found in the category of “Workstation” computers.

This class of central processors is intended for professional work of all kinds, which are graphic design, 3D modeling, video editing tools, montage and all that is needed for content makers and creators of tools and programs Heavy.

These processors are very expensive and therefore you will not find them except in the class of leading computers.

2 Core I9-xxxx processors

The latest Intel processors are the 11th generation Tiger Lake 10nm processors, although we have not obtained their results clearly yet, but it is expected to offer performance close to the tenth generation processors.

In all cases, laptops that contain modern generations of central processors must be chosen, as the tenth, ninth and eighth generation are the most powerful central processors in the performance of workloads thanks to their containing the largest number of processing cores that operate at speeds higher than previous generations.

Naturally, the Core I9-xxxx series has powerful integrated graphics processors.

These processors are also found in high-performance business station computers and gaming computers.

In some cases, it is not worth its high prices, so if you want to benefit from it in the best possible way, your uses should be very complex and most of your work includes professional programs and applications.

3 Core I7-xxxx processors

It ranks second after Core I9 processors in terms of power and multi-core.

You will notice that the names of the central processors contain at the end of the suffix of the English characters, for example, HQ, which denotes the number of quad-core cores while providing support for multi-threading technology or HyperThreadings, and the letter H indicates the power of the integrated GPU.

There is also a class of processors that contain a suffix of the letter Y and G, so that the letter Y denotes the highest efficiency in terms of power consumption, but this feature comes at the expense of throttling the performance level of the processor, while the letter G indicates that the central processor contains a powerful GPU.

In terms of performance, the Core I7-xxxx processor series is characterized by high performance in all modern games and is able to enhance performance in the business programs for content creators.

4 Ryzen 4000 Series processors

It is the latest generation of AMD Ryzen processors, it is not non-existent, but due to the delay in the import and export process due to the Corona epidemic, it is rare in the domestic market, and moreover, laptop computer companies still rely more on Intel processors.

The fourth-generation Ryzen 4000 processors are more energy efficient than the company’s previous generation thanks to their 7nm manufacturing accuracy, and they are cheaper than competitor processors.

In terms of performance, you will find that the Ryzen 5 4000 APUs are equal in strength to Core I7-10xxx processors with games, thanks to the powerful integrated graphics processors that allow the ability to run modern games and deal with business programs better.

If you are looking for a laptop that offers you reasonable performance at an affordable price, do not give up one of the Ryzen 5 processors.

5 Core I5-xxxx processors

This category ranks next, after Core I7-xxxx, in terms of performance and price.

It contains 4 cores and 8 threads, and it plays on achieving a typical equation that combines the strength of performance and the welcome price, and it is relied upon by the largest class of laptop users, which includes the category of players, students and business owners.

You must remember to read reviews and follow the reference articles outlining the results of treatments in the benchmark, in order to find out which type of user and to what kind of use this particular therapist is directed at.

You may notice that some of these processors focus on the strength of performance through the speed of high frequencies, while others come at lower frequencies to reduce the proportion of energy consumption and this affects the performance results.

You can also learn all the specifications of the central processor and the technologies that support it through its official page, which is Intel Ark Menu.

6 Core I3-xxxx processors

If your uses are chores, such as browsing or writing scholarly papers and taking study lectures, then you will find that laptops with a Core I3-xxxx processor meet all your requirements perfectly.

Fortunately, it is sometimes capable of running some modern games at FHD resolution, but with some compromises in the graphic characteristics of the game video settings menus.

But if you are planning to use your laptop during summer holidays to play it might be a good idea to climb back into the category of Core I5-xxxx processors.

We remind you one last time that you should buy a laptop that contains a processor from the eighth to the eleventh generation, thanks to its containment of the most processing resources.

It should be noted that the next generation Intel 11th Gen processor contains a set of new features and features that are preferred to be sought after, as it will come with higher frequency speeds and newer support, and on top of all this it will contain a powerful GPU from Iris Xe Graphics, which will provide a quantum leap in performance Graphics related to business software and games, but until we see it in the near future we can’t help but wait.

7 Ryzen 3 xxxx processors

It is AMD’s mid-range competitor to the Core I3-xxxx family, meaning it is next right below the Ryzen 5 xxxx processors.

It is intended for the same kind of simple uses and light work programs, and thanks to its low prices you can buy a laptop at a low price.

8 Celeron and Pentium processors

These are Intel’s cheapest processors, but that doesn’t mean that they are weak or don’t have the ability to get all the things done either.

But because of its cheap price, it contains very modest processing resources, and therefore it is not the best solution if you are thinking of buying a laptop for advanced business and professional software.

But if you plan to use the laptop for simple uses like surfing the Internet or chatting with your friends, watching videos, and listening to music, then these are the ideal processors for that purpose.

At the same time, some users from the category of students and university students sometimes find it suitable for their requirements, but on our part we cannot recommend it to you for academic purposes, you may discover after using it that it is not practical and slow in your study work and you will have to buy a new laptop after a short period of your use .

9 A and E processors

This class of processors is manufactured by AMD, and it is a category of accelerated processors or what we call APUs thanks to its containment of built-in graphics processors is ok, and it is often better than the Core I3-xxxx and Pentium processors in terms of graphics performance.

The thing about these inexpensive laptops is that they are very lightweight and their battery lasts for long periods of time.

What is the appropriate size of RAM for your uses?

Most laptops intended for the economic category of users contain 4GB of random access memory, although this size of RAM is very small for 2020 applications, but it will help you work on light business programs and while browsing websites easily.

However, in general the choice of RAM size depends on the type of business, for example if you plan to use the laptop to run modern games or work with montage programs, video editing tools and graphic design, then you will definitely need a huge memory size of at least 8GB to 16 GB.

Certainly, there are some gaming computers and business stations that have 32GB memory and allow the increase and future upgrade to 64GB.

What kind of storage solution would suit your business (HDD vs SSD)?

Once the storage solutions are mentioned, we have to explain the difference between a mechanical hard disk called HDD and a hard disk drive called an SSD.

1 Hard Drive Disk HDD or mechanical disks

The HDD mechanical disks come with huge storage capacities and are cheap, but they are slow while relying on business programs, as they are suitable for saving files and running games and programs very naturally.

2 Solid Storage Disk SSD

SSD is what brings the computer a completely new life and awakening in the work system, it is very fast when it comes to the periods of time required to operate the laptop and access to the interface of the Windows system and the speed of loading programs and moving between pages and levels of games and save business projects or enter them to open them again and the speed of switching between Professional software tools.

So if storage capacity is not important to you, you can consider purchasing a laptop that has an SSD.

There are three types of solid storage Disk:

The first type is a 2.5inch SATA SSD, which is triple the speed of a SATA mechanical HDD.

The second type is an M.2 SATA SSD which is roughly the same speed as a 2.5inch SATA SSD but is smaller in size and comes in the form of a chip similar in shape to the RAM chip.

The third type is the high-speed M.2 NVMe SSD that works through the PCIe 3.0 or next generation PCIe 4.0 data transfer interface, which is three times the speed compared to the traditional SATA SSD.

Unfortunately, NVMe PCIe SSDs are very expensive, and are only found in the very expensive laptop category.

If you have the budget to purchase an M.2 PCIe storage device then feel free to purchase it, it will surely help you in your heavy business programs while running programs, projects, automatic saving processes and handling all the tools built into professional business software.

Will you need an external GPU other than the built-in GPU?

The matter depends on the type of uses that you will do, such as: browsing the Internet, watching videos, and studying work, Do not require separate graphics cards, “discrete graphics”, meaning that the integrated graphics processor “iGPU” can be satisfied.

As we mentioned earlier, it is expected soon that the eleventh-generation computer category (Intel Tiger Lake) will be launched that contains a powerful GPU from the Iris Xe Graphics class, These graphics solutions are the best that Intel has come up with and will be a strong competitor to the processor category Accelerated AMD APUs.

If you are thinking about playing heavy games, you should think about laptops that contain separate Nvidia cards.

The latest graphics cards for laptops are RTX processors such as RTX 2080, RTX 2070, RTX 2060, etc., also there are many cards of past generations that It provides exceptional gaming experience like GTX 1080, GTX 1070 and GTX 1650.

Therefore, separate graphics cards fully control modern games, and it is necessary for the laptop to have one of them if you want to play games and enjoy an enjoyable gaming experience.

Some graphics cards for the economic category may be suitable for business and games as well, but they do not have continuous programmatic support to improve their performance in modern games, despite this they offer good performance on average, an example of these cards is NVIDIA MX200 / MX300 / MX 400.

If you plan to use the laptop to work on professional business programs such as graphic design and montage programs, it is necessary to take care of the graphic card because it is essential in accomplishing many tasks with this type of business.

Some gaming computers uniquely get NVIDIA Max-Q technology, which plays on improving energy efficiency and increasing battery life at the expense of performance levels, and these computers are expensive because they are lightweight, thin, and work under low temperatures, you should consider them if you are planning to buy The best gaming laptop regardless of its price tag.

Some gaming computers coming next year, which will contain a Ryzen 4000 APU processor and separate AMD Radeon Vega graphics cards, will provide support for SmartShift technology, this technology tries to boost performance by 14 percent with business programs and games without excessive constant power consumption.

You should consider the side ports on the laptop

The array of ports and slots on the side of laptops is one of the things that we sometimes overlook when buying a laptop for the first time.

In fact, it is not that important, especially since you can increase its numbers very easily by purchasing the peripheral adapters that contain a large number of USB ports.

However, care must be taken to know the types and speeds supported, because the speed of data transfer with external storage will depend on the type of these ports:

  • USB 2.0 Type A port and USB 2.0 Type B port work at 480Mbps.
  • USB 3.1 Gen 1 port, or so-called USB 3.2 Gen 1 port, works at 5Gbps.
  • USB 3.1 Gen 2 port, or the so-called USB 3.2 Gen port, works at 10Gbps.
  • USB 3.2 Gen 2 x 2 port at 20Gbps.
  • USB Type C port supporting Thunderbolt 3 protocol works at 40Gbps in order to connect the laptop to 4K screens and synchronize image events at the same time they are displayed on the laptop screen, and at the same time this port provides the ability to fast charging operations to and from devices and smart phones when connected.
  • The next generation USB 4.0 port will run at 40Gbps, and the USB 4.0 ports will come with support for the Thunderbolt 3 protocol with the next generation computers.

Mostly the group of laptops that provide these ports are intended for the middle and upper class, so there is no objection to having some of them.

Battery life is one of the primary factors to consider

Battery endurance time depends on how the laptop is used.

High-performance laptops that contain powerful hardware and a display with high brightness rates consume large amounts of battery power.

But if you use the laptop inside the home or office, there is no problem in connecting the laptop all the time to the power socket and you are not afraid of high electricity bills, as it is completely different from desktop computers.

If you plan to travel a lot with your laptop, it is best to make sure through its technical specifications that its battery time is not less than 8 hours.

Some of the next generation computers will work up to 15 hours of continuous operating time, and this means that you will not have to charge their battery for a whole day, and this will help you clearly to increase your production capabilities and work freely without being bound to charge the battery every now and then or stop the laptop while you are Abroad.

Next-generation computers will also provide the feature of high-speed charging, which allows more than half of the battery to be charged in a period of time not exceeding several minutes.

In the end, I hope that I have provided you with a comprehensive guide to help you in the process of choosing the right laptop for your uses, and in case you need any help, do not hesitate to contact us via comments or through live chat.

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