The game of Gemstones

About the game:

  • The game of Gemstones is a 3D, match 3 puzzle game.
  • It has 250+ levels with average 25 stages for each level.
  • It is easy to play and good for free time spending.
  • It has nice graphics and relaxing sound effects.
  • It is smart although it doesn’t need much focus.

Game features:

  1. 250+ Levels with 25 average stages for each level.
  2. Add seconds for some gems.
  3. Freeze time and stop seconds counter for some gems.
  4. Get free 100 gems for watching Ad.
  5. Get gems for every stage.
  6. Get extra gems for every level.
  7. Get extra gems for good matching.

Watch the game video:

To download the game from the Google Play Store

To communicate with the genius, the game developer

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