Are you ready to take this experience with us?
Let’s build something beautiful together to be proud of.

who are we?

We are a group of co-workers with over 12 years of experience in the information technology field.
Among our accomplishments during these years of experience are the design, implementation and management of computer networks for 85 branches of some bodies working in the medical field in Egypt, such as TechnoScan centers for radiology and Alshams laboratories for medical analysis.

Our vision

Enriching content related to the field of information technology, so that we can literacy related to this field.

Our mission

We will place articles, explanations and reviews in the following categories:
(Hardware – software – mobile – computer networks – operating systems – electronics).

And we will not lose sight of the entertainment aspect, and we will develop explanations and reviews of video games and their operating platforms.

Also, we will provide free full courses for everything related to the IT field.

All this, in addition to a presentation of the most important technical and entertainment news.

Finally, we will dedicate a section of the blog to help members and visitors of the blog to post their products for free.